movie sunday...

some friends and i went to a midnight showing of Cloverfield last night...and i have to say, i found it really boring. i know, i know...this is not something you should say about a movie written and directed by the team from LOST, that is, essentially, the biggest monster movie of our time. and, frankly, the monster part of it is terrifying and totally the true sense of the word.

now...i should preface what i'm about to say with this: i am crazy about movies that are completely unbelievable. i like trashy, epic, cheesy movies where i can suspend all disbelief and buy, thoroughly, that what's happening on the screen is actually happening. so this movie should have been a slam dunk for me. but here's my problem...i am find it absolutely unable to suspend that disbelief when filmmakers attempt to put their characters and these ridiculous plots into some kind of legitimate framework. in this case, Cloverfield is supposed to take place during a 6 hour span in New York City. In order, the characters go from the financial district to halfway across the brooklyn bridge then back to spring street and lafayette to 59th street and lexington avenue to columbus circle to 42nd street to 40th and park. in the middle of this, they climb up and back down 50 flights of stairs in an apartment building and wait for a good hour in a subway station. For those of you who are not New Yorkers, this might seem totally feasible. but it's really totally not. REALLY TOTALLY NOT.

And i know what you're thinking, "'s a MONSTER movie. No giant monster is going to attach the city either...but you don't seem to struggle with that piece of it." You're right. I don't...and if they'd set this movie somewhere fake, like Metropolis, or Gotham City, I'd be so fine with the running all over the city thing...but it was SUPPOSED to feel as if this was ACTUALLY happening in New York...and it just isn't possible that they did all that stuff in 6 hours. it's just not. and i couldn't shake my knowledge of NYC geography for the hour and a half i was watching this movie (partially because i was thoroughly bored by the plot and HATED the characters) it is. I'm terribly unforgiving.

i don't want to say much else about the movie, because i don't want to ruin it for you...but i will say this...if you do decide to see it...don't wait to rent it or see it on the cable. go see it in the movie theater. it's worth it that way. the other way, you'll be disappointed.