31 Books of Love - Sins of A Wicked Duke

Long before I loved Sophie Jordan so much that I dedicated a book to her and long before she dedicated a book to me, I loved Sophie's books, and when I got that first, fateful email from her, saying that she was coming to New York City, I got so excited as a reader...not knowing that she would eventually become one of my best friends. I called my sister and squeed.

This book is why. 

I love all of Sophie's books, but Sins of a Wicked Duke is my very favorite. I'm not sure I can tell you why. It might be because it plays on my very favorite romance trope -- heroine masquerading as male at the beginning of her relationship with the hero. It might be because the heroine, Fallon is brave and bold and wonderful, even when the hero--a true, nearly reprehensible rake--discovers that his footman is no kind of footman. Or, perhaps it's because of the moment when he discovers it -- a scene that is so scorchingly hot, that it makes me want to write a bathtub scene just to try and get close to the amazingness that is that scene. 

Right now, Sins of A Wicked Duke is on sale in all eFormats! 

Sins of A Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan
Published 2009, Avon/Harpercollins 
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