31 Books of Love - Roulette

I promised new releases! I know I’ve been waxing poetic about Kleypas and Mallory and McNaught…but I swear, I read more recent books as well. In fact, as you might know, I write a monthly romance review column for the Washington Post, and it’s the best job ever, because all I have to do is read romances and pick my favorite three of the month. This month, one of my picks was Megan Mulry’s Roulette.

Here’s what I wrote for the Post column, which this month focused on the power of duty and responsibility in a romance hero:

At the heart of Megan Mulry’s Roulette is a daughter’s duty. When Miki Durand arrives in St. Petersburg for a week-long visit with her father, she has the perfect job, the perfect man and the perfect future. But when her father dies, leaving Miki a multimillion-dollar business to run, perfect seems neither possible nor desirable, especially when the business comes with a handsome, billionaire French media mogul as a partner. Jérôme Michel de Villiers is everything Miki isn’t: bold, jet-setting, risky and irresistible.

What follows is a delicious tour of the bright lights and larger-than-life personalities of Paris, Hollywood, Cannes and St. Petersburg as Miki becomes inexorably entwined in Jérôme’s lavish world. But when Jérôme’s personal responsibilities force him to make business decisions that threaten Miki’s future, she chooses family over love, leaving readers to wonder how the author will ever get these two together.

So, there’s a lot in there that I love. That said, there’s something else about this book that really sucked me in – which is the authenticity of Miki’s voice. I don’t know if Megan Mulry has experience being a jetsetting billionaire daughter of a Russian mogul and a French actress, but man, I believed every bit of Miki. The book is written in the first person, so perhaps it was partly that? I’m not really sure. But whatever Mulry writes next, I’m in. 

Roulette, by Megan Mulry
Amazon/Montlake 2014
Available only from Amazon