31 Books of Love - Nobody's Baby But Mine

I know, I know...I talk about this one so much that using it as a booktalk this month should really be considered a cheat. But in case you are one of the 13 people I've met in my entire life who has not hear me wax poetic about this book...read on. 

Let's get this out of the way: Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Nobody's Baby But Mine is utterly crazy pants. In all the best ways. Here's the basic premise: The heroine, Dr. Jane Darlington, is a genius physics professor who basically was Dougie Howser without the cool best friend. She's socially awkward and has very few friends because she's, well, a genius. But her biological clock is ticking, and Jane wants a baby. She considers a sperm donor for a minute and a half, but decides against it because lots of med students donate to the clinic nearby, and she's afraid of cursing her baby with her genius x2. She wants someone idiotic. Someone who is all brawn and no brain. Someone like Cal Bonner--NFL Quarterback. So she sets out to steal a baby from him. The plan works. But not nearly the way she intended. 

That's all I'm going to say about this book except, all of the above happens in, like, the first 15 pages. And the rest of the book is so incredibly good, you must go read it now. 

Ok...wait. I know I said I wouldn't say any more...but I have to add two things: 1) This is the book that I recommend to people who have never read a romance novel. Don't believe me? Listen to this podcast. And 2) The scene where Cal finally sees Jane naked might just be the most perfect scene in all of romance novel history.

And...added bonus! The Kindle version of NBBM is on sale! 

Nobody's Baby But Mine, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Published 1997, Avon/Harpercollins
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