31 Books of Love - Dark Lover

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I’ve said this before, but without JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, my Scoundrels probably wouldn’t exist. It was Spring of 2010, and I was headed to London for a week of bonding with my mom. I needed a book for the plane, and my sister recommended Dark Lover, the first in the series – the love story of Wrath, the reluctant Vampire King, and his Beth…but mostly the story of this tremendous band of badass Vampire guys who would die protecting each other.

Suffice to say, I bought the UK editions of the rest of the series at Waterstones. Immediately. And I read the first five books in the series while in London, thinking about what I was going to write after the Love By Numbers series. I kept asking myself, what would this book look like in the Regency? Who are these men in the 1800s? And what is their story?

The Rules of Scoundrels were born.

Thank you, JR Ward.

Dark Lover by JR Ward
Signet, 2005
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