31 Books of Love – Can’t Stand the Heat

I was destined to love Can’t Stand the Heat, the first in Louisa Edwards’s Recipe for Love series, from the start. You see, I’m obsessed with contemporary romances set in urban settings…almost as obsessed as I am with all things relating to chefs and restaurants.

The heroine of this book, Miranda, has had a tough go of it – raising her younger brother after their parents died, trying to keep him happy and healthy while building her own career. When she gets a shot at writing an expose in a NYC kitchen, she jumps at the chance, not expecting to fall hard for the guy who runs it – smokin’ hot chef Adam Temple.

What ensues is a kind of Hepburn & Tracy style battle of the sexes which allows for some pretty delightful moments between the two … one particular scene where Adam teaches Miranda to poach an egg is pretty fabulously fabulous. There’s also a terrific secondary love story between Miranda’s younger brother and the sous-chef in the kitchen, who is pretty badass himself.

Once you’ve read this one, you won’t be able to stop yourself from reading all the others – and then, for something a little sweeter, you can try Edwards’s small-town contemporaries, written under the name Lily Everett.

Can’t Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards
St. Martin’s, 2009
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