31 Books of Love – A Kingdom of Dreams

kingdom of dreams cover

Oh, Judith McNaught. You are the greatest. I reread your entire catalog while writing every one of my books, and I always end with A Kingdom of Dreams. Here’s why – I am a sucker for the black moment. I adore the moment when the hero and heroine are both broken in their own way, and they – and the reader – can’t imagine how this love story will ever work out.

And nobody – NOBODY – writes a black moment like Judith McNaught. So I read her over and over, and I try to figure out how she does it. In my mind, there are two tremendous McNaught Black Moments. One is Perfect – her contemporary about an escaped convict movie star and the teacher he abducts into the Colorado mountains. The other is A Kingdom of Dreams. Since I am trying not to repeat authors during 31 Books of Love, I flipped a coin. It was tails. I’m booktalking A Kingdom of Dreams.

The book begins with the abduction of the heroine and her subsequent marriage to the hero (Remember, we’re talking about an old school romance here, so abduction is par for the course). Jennifer is from the Scottish Clan Merrick, and utterly, blindingly loyal to her clan (more on that later). Royce Westmoreland (known as “The Wolf”) is a virtually undefeatable English warrior. Jennifer vows never to be loyal to him and somehow extracts a vow from him never to hurt her family, a vow that will come back to hurt them both in the aforementioned black moment.

There’s all sorts of dramatic, ermagerd kind of stuff in here…there’s a loyal steed, a tourney, a devastating betrayal, a misunderstanding to end all misunderstandings, and the final, on his knees/on her knees kind of black moment that will have you wishing this book would never end.

Outlander, shmoutlander. 

A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught
Pocket Books, 1989
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