LK Madigan

KmadYesterday, I heard the sad news that LK Madigan, my friend and fellow 2009 Debutante, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Once the announcement was made, Twitter and Facebook were on fire with thoughts and prayers...and with memories of Lisa, who was funny and talented and an incredible cheerleader for those in whom she believed. Lisa was a proud breast cancer survivor; she'd fought and won that battle 20 years ago, and gone on to have a gorgeous son, publish two books, and live a life filled with love and laughter and happiness...which is all any of us could ever hope for. She was an inspiration to so many, in part because of these 20 years...and because of the fact that she never stopped viewing them as a gift.

It doesn't seem fair that you battle cancer and win only to lose your battle with another form of this horrible, bitch of a disease. It seems so unfair that I want to scream and stomp my feet and pound my fists about it. Lisa was far more evolved than I, however, and there was no screaming or stamping of feet with her. She was lucky, she always said. She got to live a whole second life, filled with joy and never taking a moment for granted.

I had a good cry last night, mourning the loss of my friend--the loss of her talent, of her jokes, of her excitement every time I put out a new book (she liked the naughty bits best)--but mostly, I mourned the loss of her spirit. I don't know if she ever knew what a powerful force she was for so many of us...I suppose no one ever really knows that for sure...but she was so wonderful, and such an inspiration, and I hope she knows that now.

I miss her already.

I know that many of the readers of my blog are not YA readers, and I'd like to share Lisa's incredible talent with you. Comment below to be entered to win copies of both of her books, the incredible Flash Burnout and the lovely The Mermaid's Mirror. Enter to win before next Friday, March 4, and I'll randomly select the winner then.

In the meantime, make sure that the people who inspire you know it. Lisa would like that.