Veronica Wolff's Ten Ways to Level a Highland Devil

My favorite thing about writing romance is the incredible support that a newbie writer like me gets from the other members of the romance community. Take this year's RWA National Conference in Orlando, for example.  I was *terrified.* Surrounded by authors I love, all of whom were immensely talented and seemed to know *everyone!*

Thank goodness for the fabulous Anne Mallory, who took pity on me and invited me to dinner with the amazing ladies of the San Francisco chapter of RWA...where I met the equally fabulous Veronica Wolff.  Veronica writes Highland Romances (and we all know how much I love me some kilted hotties) and on top of that, she is fabulously funny and interesting and yes...I have a total girl crush on her.

So obviously, when I decided to celebrate the release of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord, I invited Veronica to come over and blog on her most recent release, Devil's Highlander!

Ten Ways to Level a Highland Devil
If wanting to knock a braw Highland warrior off his feet, a lass would do well to heed the following:

1. It pays to eavesdrop. You never know what might happen.
2. Act saucy at every turn.
3. If he calls you willful, ignore him—trust me, this will secretly drive him wild.
4. Disguise yourself in men’s clothing (trew-clad legs are exceeding naughty).
5. He will protest vociferously, but still you must secure his services as a lady’s maid, just once.
6. Beware fermented drinks of the West Indies.
7. Your Highlander isn’t very keen on the sight of you talking with other men. You would do well to disregard this.
8. Be a brave lass and see what you can do about getting him up off that deuced pallet already.
9. Why yes, that is a sword in his kilt.
10. Don’t ever give up. He’s really quite smitten, you know.

For the record, #9 is my favorite.  Thanks so much for coming over to play, Veronica!


One of the things I like best about Veronica's list is that these rules easily translate into wooing the infuriating, wonderful Alpha of your choice--kilt or no. Tell me the best thing about romances with alpha heroes in comments! One commenter will win a copy of Veronica's book on Friday! **Don't forget to share your email address with us so we can reach you if you win!

Stay tuned all this and next month for fabulous prizes and awesome Ten Ways posts from an incredible range of authors! And don't forget to read more Authors Rule(s)!