Two Months 'til Ten Ways!

I just now looked up at the calendar and discovered that in exactly two months, Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord will be released! I can't believe how fast the time since Nine Rules... has gone!

I think, in honor of Ten Ways' -2 month book birthday, you should get a present.  How about a sneak peek? Would that suffice?

Ten Ways... begins with the following passage from a ladies' magazine:

It cannot be denied that there is a veritable epidemic spreading among the young ladies of London—a tragic reality that ends in nothing but the very worst possible scenario.

We refer, of course, to spinsterhood.

With so many unmarried ladies in our fair city so unfortunately shaded from the brilliant sunshine of wedded bliss, tis nothing short of criminal that these promising young buds might never have the opportunity to blossom!

And so, Dear Reader, it is in the interest of public service that we have compiled a list of time-tested solutions, oft-proven to simplify the most daunting of tasks—that of securing a husband.

We humbly present, Lessons in Landing a Lord.

- Pearls and Pelisses
June 1823

And poor, poor Nick...Guess who is named the first of the magazine's Lords to Land? You guessed it.  And because you guessed it, I give you the first line of Chapter One:

When the blonde by the door winked at him, it was the very last straw.  

Thanks for reading!  Can't wait to hear what you all think of Nick's story!