Toni Blake's Ten Ways to Celebrate Your Inner Shoe Lover

Today, I turn the blog over to Toni Blake, who was the first Avon author to welcome me to the Avon fold...and definitely one of the nicest! Something you should know about Toni, besides the fact that she writes fabulous small town romances set in Destiny, Ohio (the first, One Reckless Summer, is one of my very favorites and the next, Whisper Falls, is out December 28th!), is that she is the best bargain hunter I have ever met.  She could competitively bargain hunt.  She's like the Teddy Roosevelt of bargain hunting (but way hotter).  Seriously. And, she always always ALWAYS looks amazing. I'm not sure she's real, honestly.

I'm so happy to host Toni here as part of the release celebration for Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a no small part because she is going to talk about one of my very favorite things: Shoes.

Welcome, Toni!

Normally, when invited to visit someone’s blog, I would talk about my quaint, small town Destiny series, or the next book in the series, Whisper Falls (coming to a bookstore near you on December 28, just in time to wash away those post holiday blahs). But on this particular occasion, I’ve decided to go in a different direction. I decided to make this about … shoes! After all, most of us like shoes, yes? And we all gotta wear ‘em, so why not enjoy ‘em?

I’ll also point out that as sweet and heartwarming and genuine as the heroines of my Destiny books are, they also appreciate a good pair of shoes and would probably like having these in their closets.

Ten Ways to Celebrate the Shoe Lover in Me
(Note: These shoes appear in no particular order)

1. My lime green wedges (right) are the perfect summer confection – plus I have a dress that goes with them that would do any Destiny garden party proud.

2. My silver Born flower flip flops (left) are tres comfy and just super fun to wear. It’s like a party on top of my feet. And I also have them in black – for more sophisticated flip flop occasions, you know.

3. Love my black boots (below). They’re almost enough to make me appreciate cold weather. And I suspect Rachel from Sugar Creek owns a pair just like them, ‘cause she’s that kinda chick.


4. My leopard print slip-ons (left) are probably my absolute fave shoes. I’m a leopard print loving girl, and these are totally comfortable for long periods – so … both fashionable and practical. What more could I want from a shoe? Oh, and these shoes might have made a guest appearance in my book, Letters to a Secret Lover.

5. Okay, I’m not gonna lie to ya – these shoes (right) hurt my feet. Bad. So bad I can’t wear them. I wore them once, though, to a cocktail party thrown by my publisher, Avon/HarperCollins, and they were all the rage – and they even have tiny little black sequins sprinkled over the toes that you can’t see in this picture. Anyway, they’re gorgeous, but just too tight. And sadly, they were quite expensive. So I’d probably be willing to auction them off to the highest bidder who’s a size 8 (or maybe 7 ½ more realistically.)

6. These replaced (left) Shoe #5. Not quite as fabulous, but totally cute and flowery, and much more comfortable. And did I mention the flowers are sort of velvety?

7. Simple comfortable slip-ons, of which I clearly own many – the charm of these is that they’re hot pink (right). My only regret is that they don’t look nearly as pink and cute in this picture as they are in real life. These would so fit the typical Destiny wardrobe.

8. These pretty strappy black heels (below) served me well at the last couple of writing conferences I attended. Not 100% comfortable, but I’m willing to suffer … to a degree.

9. I used to have carmel brown boots, but one of them kind of fell apart. So when I went shopping to replace them, I decided chocolate brown (right) would be more useful and am happy with that decision thus far. 

10. The tops of these flip flops (below) are dragonflies. Adorable, yes? Enough said.

So there you have it – ten of my favorite pairs of shoes. Hey, maybe next time we’ll do purses! But only if Sarah’s next book title has a much larger number in it, like maybe twenty or something. ;) For now, though, chime in on shoes. Tell us about your fave pair. How much are you willing to suffer in an uncomfortable pair of shoes? Or hey, put your bid in on my tight but fabulous open-toed pumps!

And after that, I do hope you’ll check out my sexy, heartwarming, and humorous Destiny series. You can learn more about it at, and remember, Book 3 in the series, WHISPER FALLS, comes out very soon. The book’s hero, Lucky Romo, is the baddest bad boy I’ve ever written, and the heroine, Tessa, would totally wear my silver flip flops!

Best. Blog post. Ever.

I told you Toni was a fashionista!

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