Ten Things I'm Thinking About Today...

I don't usually do such random posts...but there are a bunch of things that are in my head today...so bear with me!

1) Election Day. Anyone who has been reading the blog for any length of time knows I'm a big nerd about Election Day.  I love voting.  It gives me a fabulous, warm, fuzzy feeling.  Don't believe me? Go try it yourself...and while you're pulling that lever, ticking that box, punching that chad, don't forget that there are millions around the globe who don't have such a privilege. (There are already 6 million people on Facebook who voted today! Amazing!)

2) Halloween. I know it's late.  But it's never too late to coo over this photo of a baby dressed as a chicken. Seriously. Cuteness overload.

3) It Gets Better. I've been talking about this on Facebook and Twitter since Dan Savage started his YouTube campaign against bullying.  The videos are super duper powerful and worth spending some time watching. My favorite so far is this one, featuring the LA Gay Men's Chorus and their friends and family. I defy you not to tear up.

4) A week since release date!  I'm so so happy to say that Ten Ways has officially been in the world for a full seven days...thanks to all of you who have purchased the book...I hope it's treating you well! Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is talking about the dialogue in the book today, and if you head over to B&N.com, you can learn all about the fabulous Ricky Mujica (cover artist) and how the cover came to be thanks to Melissa Walker!

5) Prosciutto. My husband turned 35 this week and as a gift, he received a literal haunch of prosciutto from my father (he's Italian. There is no better gift than cured meat). There are only two of us in this house and, like, four pounds of prosciutto. So if you have a recipe that involves prosciutto, lay it on me in comments. I could use it.

6) The fabulous Anna Campbell is hosting me on the amazing Romance Bandits blog...I'm kind of blown away by all the comments...and I'm convinced that it has something to do with the naked photo of Anthony Bourdain. It sure can't be because of me! Go on over to see the picture and to get a chance to win signed books from me!

7) Nine Rules!  So, with all the excitement around the release of Ten Ways, I can forget that I wrote another little book earlier in the year.  But I just heard that RT Book Reviews has nominated Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake for Historical Romance of the Year! I'm floored, because I'm nominated alongside (eep!) Lisa Kleypas, Liz Carlyle, Connie Brockway, Lorraine Heath & (OH MY GOD) Johanna Lindsey.  I can't even believe it.  Let's just move on before my head explodes.

8) Sees Candy. I grew up on the East Coast. We don't have Sees like you lucky ducks on the West Coast. Happily, however, I married into a family from Fresno, CA, and my mother in law believes in candy on Halloween even for children in their 30s.  The box came today. I've already opened it and gorged on raspberry cremes. Yum.

9) The Park Slope Teen Writers Workshop. Last week, I started facilitating the Park Slope Barnes & Noble Teen Writers Workshop. I took over from the amazing Ned Vizzini, who is now a big-time Californication-style author who lives in LA and has movies made from his books. The students in the group are super talented...their work is showcased on the Give Us Money blog...and there's always room for more!  If you know a teen in NYC, please have them connect with me, or just attend the next workshop!

10) Apartment hunting.  We need a bigger one, as my books have now officially taken over our two-bedroom apartment. Ask me what the least fun thing in the world is? Apartment hunting.  Blergh.

Anyway...that's what's in my head right now...thank you all, again, for all your support of Ten Ways...and of the other authors who are guest blogging all month! xoxo