Squee! Ten Ways is a Top Pick!

So...last night, I'm making unpackaging dinner and my Blackberry buzzes.

I consider ignoring it, because 1) I am hungry for chicken and brussels sprouts and  2) I'm three episodes from the end of Season 5 of Weeds and I can't decide if I love Esteban or hate him (on one hand, he's a fencer; on the other, he's a drug lord--you see my problem?) and Eric is ready to press play on the Netflix, but I can't resist the Crackberry buzz. It's a sickness.

Anyway...there's an email from the lovely and talented Courtney Milan entitled "Congratulations!" and I think, I know! It's so exciting to almost be caught up with Weeds!

But wait. How does Courtney know I'm almost caught up with Weeds?

She didn't.  Well, maybe she did.  But that wasn't what the email was about.

The email was about this review from Romantic Times Magazine:

by Sarah MacLean
Sensuality: HOT
Setting: 1823 England

4.5 Stars, TOP PICK!

MacLean’s spinoff of her debut novel is quite simply a delectable, sensual, poignant read that rivals the first. Her characters utterly capture readers’ hearts and the carefully paced plot and perfectly pitched dialogue multiply the pleasure. Then add MacLean’s sizzling sensuality and it’s another excellent keeper!

Cue much squeeing...and, ridiculous, incomprehensible emailing to Courtney to thank her and... husband saying "Wow, that's a lot of superlatives." And me saying "I LOVE RT! OMGOMGOMGACK." And, yes. Baxter got chicken, too, because he's one step closer to being like this (which is how I envision future-Sarah to be).