Rachael Herron's Ten Things to Do When Alone in a New City

Rachael Herron is the best.

We started our time at Avon Books together, she writing her fabulous Cypress Hollow contemporaries that mix knitting and hot heroes and me writing my historicals, and I'm pretty sure we were destined to be friends. Her first book, How To Knit A Love Song, was released to critical praise and my own excitement...and I'm so so happy to host her on the blog as part of my celebration of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord!

Rachael was just here in New York City for a bit, meeting and exploring and, unfortunately, I had a terrible cold and couldn't make our scheduled lunch, which made me very very sad...until she sent me the following list for the blog.  Now I'm not so sad, because I'm imagining that she did at least one or two of these things during the time when we were supposed to meet up!

Without further ado...

Ten Things to Do When Alone in a New City

1. Wander. Get lost. Do NOT buy a map. Remember that we are finally living in the future and you have a map in your pocket if you really need one, or--gasp--you could ask directions of someone (but you won't -- wherever you end up is where you're meant to be).

2. Drink coffee. Even if you normally never drink caffeine (like me), there is something wonderful about an espresso sipped at a table as you watch the world go by.

3. When you pass a local bookstore, pop in and go through the Local section. You'll find books you never would have dreamed of, and they'll be good.

4. Flirt inappropriately with someone you'll never see again, and then disappear, never even having given him your name.

5. Drink alcohol. Even if you normally never drink spirits (unlike me), unless there is a good reason not to (recovery is a good reason), there is something wonderful about 18-year Scotch imbibed while laughing in a town you don't know.

6. Don't pack an umbrella -- they're three dollars and readily available.

7. Walk in the rain.

8. Ask the names of the people you meet, and use them, even if you only use them to say goodbye.

9. Buy new shoes that will remind you of the city you're in every time you put them on. Make them more frivolous than you normally wear: heels if you wear flats, boots instead of pumps.

10. Buy a map as you leave town, and write all over it, marking the places you've been and what you did there. Then, mark the places you want to go the next time you come back.

I love these tips! I think they should be printed on little cards and handed out at visitors' centers across the globe.  Seriously.  Especially number eight.  You never know who you might meet.


Tell Rachael and me one tip you have for traveling in a new city...and we'll choose one commenter on Monday evening to win a copy of How to Knit a Love Song! **Don't forget to share your email address with us so we can reach you if you win!

Stay tuned all this and next month for fabulous prizes and awesome Ten Ways posts from an incredible range of authors! And don't forget to read more Authors Rule(s)! (And don't forget to read Rachael's Nine Rules for Knitting in the Dark for more fun!)