Lessons to Learn from Romance Novels...

Twitter just shared this article from MSN.com and Women's Day...Life Lessons from Romance Novels. It's a wonderful slideshow that highlights the great things we can all learn from romances. I'm thrilled that A Rogue By Any Other Name is one of the books they use to illustrate the lessons (and even more thrilled that it's highlighted beside books by Julie Ann Long, Miranda Neville, Anna Randol & Beverly Jenkins)!

And I absolutely couldn't have asked for a better "lesson" for my cover to be paired with than this one: Fall in Self Love.

My heroines have a lot of things in common, but probably nothing so much as this: each one has to learn to love herself, and trust herself, and believe in herself before she ever has a chance of loving her hero. And sometimes, this takes longer than even I'd like (I'm looking at you, Isabel)...sometimes it takes pain and suffering and doing stupid, awful things that make her hero wonder why he ever even showed up at this country house to begin with.

But there's a reason why Isabel is one of my favorite heroines. She embarks on the journey we all have to take...she has to learn to believe in herself, and to trust herself, and to honor herself before she can take the risk of believing, trusting, and loving her hero. Luckily for Isabel, Nick waited around.

But life isn't a romance novel. So we need to do the hard work of learning to love ourselves now...so that when our white knight swoops in to save the day, we take him up on it. Right away.

It's worth it.


What's your favorite lesson from romance novels?