Kieran Kramer's Ten Ways to Achieve Wild Success!

Today, I'm so excited to host the wonderful Kieran Kramer, whose debut When Harry Met Molly was released last month to HUGE critical acclaim, and whose Dukes to the Left of me, Princes to the Right was released yesterday!  Congrats, Kieran!! 

Aside from having fabulous titles (you know how much I love a great title), Kieran is also just plain awesome to be around.  I'm so happy she decided to take some time out of her release-week schedule to come hang out with me in celebration of the release of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord

Welcome Kieran!

In When Harry Met Molly, Molly is thrust into a seemingly impossible situation in which she doesn't know what she's doing and needs to learn fast. I think it's a basic human fear we all share—-I don't know anyone who doesn't have a stress dream about being thrown into a scenario in which you're required to sink or swim. Not all of us have the razor-sharp wits of MacGyver!

In Molly's case, she's a virtuous young lady who'll be ruined for sure if she doesn't agree to her childhood nemesis's terms for helping her: she has to pretend she's a lightskirt and compete in a scandalous contest sanctioned by the Prince Regent himself. This contest is a big deal in a lot of ways, and Molly is challenged to give it her all in order to win the illustrious title of "Most Delectable Companion."

So with those thoughts in mind, I decided to write a tongue-in-cheek list that also has a few bits of serious advice in it for anyone who wants to grab the proverbial brass ring.

I call it:

Ten Ways To Achieve Wild Success When You Don't Know What the Hell You're Doing

1. Wear really cool glasses

2. Surround yourself with brilliant people and let them know you value them

3. It never hurts to nod your head and murmur, "Right. Of course," when you're feeling a bit clueless.

4. Listen to the career advice of the top 10% in your field. Do what they do. Period. Or "full stop" for our British readers.

5. If you mess up, say you're being ironic.

6. Either that, or don't say a word. Honestly, maybe no one will notice. (It took me years to have the cajones to stay silent). There's power in it. Combine this strategy with wearing the really cool glasses and fabulous shoes for added impact.

7. Don't let failure stop you. Keep moving, keep tweaking. Don't be afraid to make a mess. Think Lucille Ball in the assembly line with the doughnuts coming faster and faster, but you're going to grab what good doughnuts you can, ignore the smushed ones, and lick the chocolate off your fingers as you go because that's what makes the whole process fun.

8. Reach straight for the top, not the middle or the bottom, but be 90% prepared to handle success immediately. The other 10% can't be learned in advance. As it comes at you, however, you mustn't waver—-karate-chop it to the ground with gusto.

9. Channel Michael Scott on "The Office," which isn't as bad as it sounds. Have an optimistic heart. Wear the suit and play the role, but be willing to expose your vulnerabilities for the sake of your dream. Love what you do.

10. And finally, ignore the fact that you don't "know" what you're doing. People who achieve great success pay more attention to their guts and imaginations than their heads. Be brave and follow your instinct's lead; get the head knowledge along the way.

Kieran is generously offering up a signed copy of When Harry Met Molly to one lucky winner! Tell us a time when you faked it till you made it, and we'll choose a winner on Monday (I've got a great--if embarrassing--one of these stories in comments)! **Don't forget to share your email address with us so we can reach you if you win!

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