Jenny Brown's Ten Twelve Ways to Win His Heart (Astrological Version)

I've been excited about debut romance author Jenny Brown since I heard about her from her editor at a Lady Jane's Salon more than a year ago. I mean, a series in which astrology plays a critical role? Stop it. It sounds PERFECT.

Because, here's the thing. I'm obsessed with astrology. It stems back to a time when I worked for an astrologer and she did my chart and it was so completely, eerily accurate that I couldn't bear it and I was totally sold. So when I heard about Lord Lightning, the first of Jenny's books, I could. Not. Wait. And it was utterly worth the wait.

I'm so excited that Jenny is here to celebrate the launch of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord with her own Ten Ways...except, there are twelve astrological signs...and Eleven is my last numbered I'm changing the rules just for today...and Jenny's sharing her:

Ten Twelve Ways to Win His Heart (Astrological Version) 

1. If your Man is an Aries: Keep it simple and fun. His world view can be summed up thus: You're hot. He loves you. Time for fun.

2. If your Man is a Taurus: Make him comfortable. He's a creature of habit and you're a habit he can easily get hooked on if you appeal to his love of beauty and sensual pleasure.

3. If your Man is a Gemini: Appeal to his curiosity. Keep things light and keep him guessing.

4. If your Man is a Cancer: Mother him. The person who said, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" was married to a Cancer.

5. If your Man is a Leo: Admire him. All that bluster hides a deep need for affection.

6. If your Man is a Virgo: Let him fix your computer. Admire the efficient way he folds his socks. Appreciate how giving he is, even if what he's giving you is criticism.

7. If your Man is a Libra: He's a team player and expects you to play by the rules. Treat him fairly and he'll do the same to you.

8. If your Man is a Sagittarius: Let him explain it all to you. He has a theory, several hundred, actually.

9. If your Man is a Capricorn: Work with him, because work is his life and the more closely involved you are with it, the closer he'll feel to you.

10. If your Man is an Aquarius: Include his friends. They are the center of his life and the more you fit in with them the more he'll adore you.

11. If your Man is a Scorpio: Let him transform you--but don't make it too easy. He likes a challenge. You can enthrall him by letting him uncover your secrets, just don't expect him to reveal his in return.

12. If your Man is a Pisces: Leave him. He'll never be as happy with the real you as he'll be with his dreams of what might have been.

I love love love this post. And I might just be bookmarking it for future use. I'm just saying.

Contest time!

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