Gayle Callen's Ten Steps to Procuring an Engagement!

I'm so excited to host Gayle Callen here on the blog as part of the release month celebration of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord and to talk about her most recent release, A Most Scandalous Engagement! The book is the second in a series...and I love the premise...three friends decide to break into a men's club and steal a nude painting...and get caught!

Who can't get behind that idea?

Gayle has given us a little taste of the new book with the following Ten Steps to Procuring an Engagement!

Welcome, Gayle!

1. Set your sights on your best friend’s brother, a man you’ve worshipped from afar your whole life. He hasn’t noticed you, only because he thought you were too young for him and he wasn’t ready to settle down. Ignore the fact that he doesn’t seem to like the same
things you do. He’s perfect.

2. Never dress in boy’s clothes with your female cousins and attempt to steal a nude painting off the wall at a gentlemen’s club—you might be caught.

3. This scandalous night might only get worse: a drunken wager among three men about which of you is the model! Lie through your teeth—each of you should pretend to be the model, loyalty and sisterhood and all that.

4. But if those men do wager over you—and one of them is Peter Derby, the friend who rescued you from childhood scrapes—promise him the truth about the painting if he’ll pretend to be your fiancé.

5. A fake fiancé will help you secure the interest of the man you’ve really chosen—this man will see that he’s almost lost you!

6. And a fake fiancé will also stop another man from blackmailing you into marriage over that blasted painting, not the sort of engagement you mean to procure.

7. Once your childhood friend is pretending to be your fiancé, try to keep him at a distance, ignoring the heated way he’s suddenly looking at you, and how you never noticed how very…intriguing he can be, or how much you admire the way he’s made his own fortune rather than inheriting it. Remind him that there’s another man you’re supposed to marry, and deliberately misunderstand the challenge in his eyes. He’s just teasing you.

8. When he sneaks into your bedroom trying to prove you’re the nude model, ignore how very excited his presence makes you, how boy-next-door Peter has begun to inspire recklessness and yearning. Try to remember the name of the other man you should marry.

9. Remind yourself that pretending to be Peter’s fiancée in public, accepting his touches and attentions and smoldering looks, should never carry over when you’re alone in a dark carriage, and he’s offering to show you just how to seduce a man—that other man, the one you should be focusing on.

10. When a villain threatens you, and life gets crazy, and you find yourself turning to Peter, perhaps you should rethink your strategy to procure a real engagement.

So yummy!

Gayle is generously offering up a copy of A Most Scandalous Engagement to one lucky commenter! In honor of engagements, tell us your favorite engagement story...either real, fictional, or one of those fabulous youtube videos (you know the ones I mean)! We'll choose a winner on Friday... **Don't forget to share your email address with us so we can reach you if you win!

Stay tuned all this and next month for fabulous prizes and awesome Ten Ways posts from an incredible range of authors! And don't forget to read more Authors Rule(s)!