Donna Fletcher's Ten Ways to Tell You’re Obsessed with Highlander Warriors

When I first discovered romance, there was little that made me happier than the Highland Romance.  I mean, the camping out on the wicked, brutal heath wrapped in the warm tartan of a hot Scottish warrior? Yes, please.

As far as I'm concerned, Real Men Wear Kilts.

Donna Fletcher agrees with me.  Moreso, Donna Fletcher might just be the leader of the Real Men Wear Kilts movement with her fabulous Highland Romances, the latest of which, Bound to a Warrior (first in a 4-book series, yay!!), is everything a Highland Romance should be.

I'm so happy that Donna agreed to come on the blog to celebrate the release of Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord and share her own list of ten as part of Authors Rule(s)!

It seems only fitting that Donna's list be:

Ten Ways to Tell You’re Obsessed with Highlander Warriors

1. You don’t understand why all hunky men don’t wear skirts.

2. You request that your significant other speak to you in a Scottish brogue during those relevant moments. (caution – could end a relationship or improve it)

3. Anytime you hear a Scottish brogue your head whips around and you’re expecting to see an imposing Highlander warrior carrying a claymore.

4. You’re fascinated with swords – all shapes and sizes, though you favor the large one…the Scottish claymore.

5. You take long walks in the woods over hilly and rocky terrain hoping a Highlander warrior will fall out of place and time, and right into your lap!

6. You place a sachet of mugwort under your pillow at night to conjure a Highlander warrior in your dreams. It works and you’re late for work the next day, but hey who cares, you have tonight to dream again.

7. You attend the special lecture on the history of the Scottish kilt at a major museum – not for the knowledge – but hoping they’ll have live models.

8. Which brings me to the real reason you hope for live models. You truly want to find out for yourself what’s worn under the kilt. Of course being obsessed with Highlander warriors you already know!

9. You attend Scottish festivals near and far scouring the crowd for your very own Highlander warrior. And though your friends think you’re nuts, they sometimes join you, hoping you’re not… and that they too have a chance of finding one.

10. Seize the day! You pack your bags and off you go to the Scottish Highlands determined to find your Highlander Warrior. (caution – this obsession could prove costly, but then again it could prove fun or even successful!)

It's official. I'm obsessed with Highlander Warriors. Do you think my husband would wear a kilt if I bought him one?

Contest time!

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